Flora & Fauna Pillow

$75.00 Coming Soon

Image of Flora & Fauna Pillow

Hand dyed raw silk pillow. Two pieces are patched together for the face of the pillow. Pink Cochineal on one side and Silver Dollar Eucalyptus and Cochineal on the other. Linen back with envelope closure. 20x20" pillow. Comes with down insert. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

*Due to the handmade nature of the pillow each one will dye a bit differently.

**Cochineal is a scale insect from which the natural dye carmine is derived. A primarily sessile parasite native to tropical and subtropical South America as well as Mexico and Arizona, this insect lives on cacti in the genus Opuntia, feeding on plant moisture and nutrients. These insects are found on the pads of prickly pear cacti, then are brushed off and dried to make dye.


Image of Flora & Fauna Pillow